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This article is not copyright of the tons of previous articles with a similar name, this is more as a personal run-book for me to memorize this process.

The Problem

When you need to work on several projects at the same time, you may be asked by your security managers to create an additional Github account which should be different from your account.

If you ask my opinion regarding this security move, I take it negatively, but can’t resist.

But imagine the situation when you need three, five different accounts and you need to work with them simultaneously, pulling and pushing commits…

Tell your story…

Oh, Medium, and the readers of this great blog platform, my story begins a long time ago…

If you read my stories often, you may find a pattern, I always show concerns about the current state of DevOps.

This article bit different and nonetheless will touch upon this topic. DevOps methodology is great and able to help in achieving benefits using it and the world is embracing DevOps and realizing its benefits. I will be honest with you, for me, this trend quite scary. …

As a Software Engineer, I have goals in my life, first of all, EVOLVE, the second one is to have a well-paid job where I can use my skills and evolve, again.

The position should be challenging because if there are no challenges, there is no development at all.

Well-paid? Sure, we all love money and we have someone to take care of. (wife, cat/dog, parents, kids, damn yourself).

Tricky, but there is more, the most important pillar in our life is stability. When you have stable work, you can relax and be more focused on self-development.

When the times…

The picture was found on the internet and a little bit transformed in Photoshop. Contact me if you’re the owner.

This is not another long-read about the meaning of “buzzword” DevOps and how cool it is. If you are new to this, there are tons of books, articles, videos which already uncover an idea and meaning.

The Problem

From time to time I still able to notice, that it is being hard for even technical guys to understand the value of DevOps in the software development world.

On the other hand, there are tons of positions open which is named “DevOps Engineer Wanted. ̶D̶e̶a̶d̶ ̶o̶r̶ ̶A̶l̶i̶v̶e̶”! The variety of requirements are so crazy but still visible one single pattern. …

The UPMC daily plank standups

Daily is hard and it sucks.

I feel uncomfortable to disturb myself from work each day because I should be present at these meetings. In an ideal world, these meetings should pass fast, less than 15 minutes they said. But we live in a mad world, nobody knows what happens next.

For instance, an idea from the picture was an innovative method to finish this daily meeting faster. Just ask yourself, how long you can hold your body in plank?

To all who are not familiar with a daily meeting structure, it has three important questions which you should prepare…

There is no war like this — as the war between DevOps Engineers and DevOps Evangelists

To be honest, we all know already what does it mean DevOps for your company, team and you as well, but are you sure that you know what does it mean for another team or another company. …

The pic was taken from my account

For sure this article will cause different feelings of the experts from different levels, but this is my personal opinion and this opinion helped me a lot in team building, and even not once or twice. But I also want to share this with you.

Seniors vs Juniors: The Infinity War

The idea to ​​measure engineers’ expertise by adding them some extension like Junior or Senior, not a new at all. Moreover, this gives some results for both, for the employer and for the employee. From my personal point of view, this result is always money.

In some kind, the junior produces the work (does not…

In the modern world of software development becomes normal to hire more and more engineers with “buzzword” title DevOps. But nobody cares why it is so trivial. Moreover, on the web, you can find a lot of formulas on how to better calculate how much DevOps engineers you need to hire based on how much developers and testers you have in your team.

Let’s take a pause and return to origins. All of us know that the DevOps is not a human and even not a team. …

Dmytro Shamenko

Software Engineer with more than ten years of experience. Solution Architect expertise. DevOps methodology & Golang fan.

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